How To Stay Anonymous

  1. Use significantly different usernames on every place you create an account or identify yourself. NEVER use a similar or identical username that you have already used.
  2. Do not post your personal info on this website. Because when you put it online your giving it to everyone on earth.
  3. Do not tell people where you’re from. Nobody needs to know. Lie if you must. And don’t use the same lie in different profiles.
  4. DO not mentio places period. Remove all countries, cities, provinces, states, continents, schools, restaurants, landmarks and any other words that might indicate location from your vocabulary.
  5. Do not mention websites where you have another profile. You have a Facebook profile? Great. No one needs to know. Lie, say you don’t have one.
  6. Quit making friends or mentioning to friends about profiles on other websites. Your stupid friends are going to blab your username and give you away.
  7. Finally, use anonymization software. go to torproject.org and use the browser bundle on public computers and the Vidalia bundle on your home computer.
  8. Don’t try and obfuscate your identity by using fake information unless your from MI6 and you know what your doing. Consider this, any good lawyer will tell you to never talk to the police with a lawyer. You don’t need to be telling anyone anything and you don’t need to be accidentally giving away information about yourself because you accidentally used info that might be somewhat related to you or something that can be tracked to you.
  9. Your language abilities can give you away. I know it may sound silly but a good anon knows how to exploit dialect, colloquial language and grammar to obfuscate their identity. For instance, your use of English when you are not a native speaker can easily give away your nationality.
  10. Don’t post things that you may regret later. Everything is crawled by Google and other search engines and all you have to do to pull it up is look at the cache. Even deleting or modifying your post will not help you. If you get doxed, everything you say here will be bound to your real name. (Thanks to pro3phec for mentioning this)
  11. Many cookies track your web habits. Including what websites you’ve been to. Either use a different browser, computer or OS for anon stuff or clear your cookies in between anon related actions, logins and surfing. And yes, the government can get this information. And yes, It’s not just Facebook that does it. No, it’s not new, it’s just being hyped right now.
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